Changing Heads (In Development)

Turtle Stacking

Turtles like to sunbathe, and sometimes they stack while sunbathing. I'd still like to do work to improve the accessibility, learning curve, progression of difficulty as the game progresses, tweaking the incentives so that the optimal strategy is also the most interesting one, trying to get more of an end game.

End of the Tape

This is a humorous text adventure I made.

Summer Game 2010 (Incomplete)

This is actually quite good with nice artwork, and I was making solid progress. It's more recent than I thought. I don't really know what happened. It just stopped happening.

I can see how this evolved from the frog game in 2009.

People I showed it to said that checking email shouldn't be made into gameplay.

The idea was to combine story events with abstract puzzles that used imagery tying into the story. Maybe the whole concept was bad, or maybe checking email just shouldn't have had gameplay tied to it, or maybe I just needed to finish the imagery tying it together, or maybe the person who said that was just wrong.

Frog Game

Wow, this is from the summer of 2009. I like this. I like the whole art style and concept, but there isn't much of an actual game. I think I was planning to crank something out in a week about exploring some crazy fantasy universe where collecting things was important.

Fire Game

It looks like this is from July of 2009.

I was working on a game engine in JavaScript. At the time, I still wanted to make my own engine instead of using one of the many good engines out there.

Hold your mouse down to shoot water and put out the fires. It could be slow if your computer is slow or your browser doesn't have a good JavaScript engine.

Three Pigs and Red

From Summer of 2008.

I wrote some code for a text adventure but couldn't think of a story to use. Later I was bored and wanted to make a game, so I went with a combination of "The Three Little Pigs" and "Little Red Ridinghood". And then I stopped making the game partway through, but I put in one ending for the game in rush.

Fridge Chasing Madness

2009-02-16. It's stupid. It's awesome. Your refridgerator is running, so go catch it!

Revamped Butterfly Catcher

From year 2006.

I used to have a game called "Butterfly Catcher", which I made just to test out the code I was using for "Blue Ball Boy".

Later I decided to remake the game with better graphics and music.

It's still not particularly good and there's a bug in it, but it's kind of fun, and unlike some of the other games, it's actually complete seeing how it's so short and simple.


Blue Ball Boy

From year 2006. It was for a school project. I intended to keep working on this and draw proper characters and enemies, but it didn't happen.

I hate the dialog in it. It's very wordy, and it attempts to be witty but fails. The instructions embedded in the game have the same problem.

The player also can't figure out what to do intuitively without reading them.

Well, it was my first attempt at making a game that could be played without reading instructions. I got better at it (I think).

Dragonia (opens in new window)

I made this text RPG years ago, back when I had no idea what I was doing. It was late 1990s to early 2000s, and I was in elementary school.