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After Closer in Time (Year 2012)

Battle Groove
The Experience Machine
Closer in Time (download as ogg)

Positivity (Year 2012)

Friendly Travellers (download as ogg)
Shimmer On (download as ogg)

The Experiments (Year 2012)

Space Travel (ogg)
Zone of Infinity (ogg)
Medical Leave (ogg)
Distortion Field (ogg)

Better Than Before (Year 2011)

Clear as Glass (ogg)
Chilly Cheer (ogg)
Sky Ride (ogg)
Harmony in the Discord (download as ogg)

Fooling Around

My My Little (2011) (ogg)
Daily Mouth Tunes (mp3)
Touchy Creamy (mp3)
Running Refridgerator Madness (download as mp3)
Cowboy Hat (mp3)
Nom Nom Woaw Woaw (mp3)


These songs might not play correctly or at all because they are MIDI format, and every computer setup treats MIDIs differently. For example, on one computer I can't hear the drums.

White Afternoon
Midnight Circus
Warrior's Pride
Warrior's Pride Original
Standing Alone
Mystique of a Dream
Short Dance in the Moonlight