xkcd Password Generator

A password generator based on xkcd's Password Strength comic.

Song List

This is the program I use to keep track of all the songs I like. Why not use iTunes or Grooveshark or some other media player or website? Because I'm not keeping track of individual copies of the songs. I don't want a specific MP3 or a specific upload. I want a database representing the more abstract concept of the song I want to remember. I also want it to be portable and lightweight and usable offline. Because I don't care whether I listen to the song on a CD or on Youtube or Grooveshark or as an MP3 I downloaded, but I do care to remember the names and artists of the songs I like.

Fun, Interesting, Nonsense

High Dimension Visualizer

See in 4 dimensions.


Just click around and make calming soothing ripples.

Falling Pandas


Cooking Helper

I made this to do some calculations for cooking at one point. Don't really use it anymore. Nothing particularly special here.

A Youtube doubler I made after searching for them on Google using all the wrong terms, only to find them right after I finished making mine. It used to work. Youtube changed. Now it's broken.