Tetra Starry - Part 2

2009-11-01 by Ritchie Thai

Ken thinking: It's kind of weird that we're just eating ice cream after what just happened.

Tad: "Mmm. That sure is some good ice cream." That's what you're thinking, right? Am I right or what?

Ken: You're still kind of a jerk for making me eat this twist when I wanted vanilla. Forcing your views on me...

Tad: You'll learn to love it.

Ken: So what's the deal with the swords?

Tad: Well, when I got back here with the ice cream I saw you being attacked, and then they just appeared in my hands.

Ken: And now they've disappeared too...

Tad: Yeah. Freaky stuff.

eating ice cream

POP! A sheet of letter sized paper appears.

Tad: Woah! You think it's for us?

Ken picks it up.

Ken: Our names are on it. Here. Read.

Tad: "To Ken and Tad. Don't panic." Do you suppose that's a reference?

Ken: Probably. That would be pretty awesome. Keep reading.

Tad: "This is a message from the future. We have imprisoned a group of scientists performing dangerous experiments on a far away galaxy in your time. It has come to our attention that they are trying to return to Earth, and have set up a barrier to stop them. However, it appears they have succeeded in getting a robot through the barrier."

Ken: I guess that's the guy in the cloak.

Tad: Yeah. Let's see. "We have supplied the four of you," Hold on. Four?

Ken: Do you think that means they screwed up or that there are two other people?

Tad: I don't know. Let's see what it says. Uh... where was I? "The four of you with with weapons to protect yourselves. To ensure that you do not abuse them, they will only become available to you when necessary. Note that your physical abilities will be enhanced while using said weapons."

Ken: Did you feel stronger or anything?

Tad: I have no idea, I was worried about you!

Ken: Aw... Thanks buddy. What else does it say?

Tad: "This letter is meant only to inform you and relieve any concerns you may have. You may continue living your lives normally, whatever that means to you. Note that there is no need to keep these events secret, but people will not believe you.

"We apologize for any inconvenience, and assure that no danger will come to you as a result of these events. We have confirmed this by looking into your futures."

Ken: All good to know.

Tad: Wow. The future, huh?

Ken: Well, I believe it.

Tad: Wow, so that means humans figure out time travel.

Ken: They only sent a piece of paper back though.

Tad: Well, yeah, but they also sent those scientists back right?

Ken: That is true.

Tad: So do you think we'll be attacked again?

Ken: Hmm. Let's just wait and see.

End of part 2.