Changing Heads (In Development): An interactive audio visual story in development.

Tea with the Princess and Queen: Some Adventure Time fan art from some time mid 2014.

Songs by Me: The Experience Machine, Closer in Time, Battle Groove

High Dimension Visualizer: See in 4 dimensions.

Pond: Just click around and make calming soothing ripples.

Falling Pandas: I find this hilarious and stupid.

Everything Else



I finally added Tea with the Princess and Queen to DeviantArt. Adventure Time fan art drawn mid 2014. Though not necessarily my best drawing, it's my best digital colouring. I'm not the greatest at it, but I really tried to make those colours work.

Since adding Changing Heads in June of 2013, which still isn't done, I haven't created as much. I spent the last 2 years graduating then moving to a new city and job.

The creative flame doesn't die like that, but what I've got is mostly rough stuff. Sketches. Doodles. Song ideas hummed but not properly produced.

I've been working on a short comic recently that might come together. More than one page, but a short self contained thing.